A full motion TV mount offer multiple advantages for you and your home. A TV on a mount provides better viewing angles compared to a TV that is not mounted. When a TV is mounted on a wall, you don’t have to worry about tripping over wires, or wires showing and ruining the look of your living room. All the wires are hidden from view. A full motion TV mount also gives you the versatility of watching TV from angles that are not possible with regular mounts because of its swivel feature. The mount also gives your room a futuristic look. Like most TV mounts, the full motion ones come with the basic materials needed to get your TV fastened to your wall. You can find screws that you need to use with studs, snaptoggle anchors that can help you mount your TV into a plaster or other wall materials and anchors that can be used in the case there are no studs in the location where you want to mount your TV.

A full motion TV mount improve viewing experience like no other. Let’s compare it to other types. A fixed TV mount is recommended to be mounted at an exact eye level of 42″ off the ground. With a fixed TV mount however, you can’t move your TV around and you cannot access your TV’s ports that easily either. They sit nearly flush with the wall, and thus they provide a limited number of viewing angles. A tilted TV mount is usually used in a place that is above eye-level. You can use a tilted mount over a fireplace or in a bedroom. Modern TVs are designed to be mounted on the wall, and most of the TVs you can find in the market come with brackets that are designed to enable mounting that provides the optimal viewing angle.

Full motion TV mounts are also safer compared to other mounts. Flat screen TVs, because of their slim and light design are more susceptible to falling over. Having an unsecure TV opens up the risk of it falling over and injuring your children or pets. Imagine you have a party at your home and there are kids playing around your house. A slight bump from a child running around could easily tip over the TV. You’d not only lose the TV, but it could also wound the child. TV mounts are designed to give you the convenience of having free walking space, while the TV is secure in its place on the wall.