Over the past few decades, technological boom has transformed the way of living lives. Being connected 24/7 has become an uncompromised requirement. Smartphones have practically become a human organ without which they cannot function properly. This is why whenever you go on car trips; you have to ensure that you stay powered and connected. To do this, you must pick a reliable USB car charger adapter. We went over several car charger adapters and finally picked the Belkin BOOST UP USB Car Charger Adapter. A sleek design, highly impressive fast charging speeds, and Belkin’s reliability are the factors that make it a class apart from other car chargers.

This Belkin USB Car Charger is a premium model. A USB-C cable is included in the box. Going away from the traditional design of illuminated ports, it boasts a LED light above the ports. The light turns on whenever you connect the charger to the vehicle. The build quality is solid with a classy and compact matte black design. However, what truly makes this Belkin USB car charger stand out are its fast charging capabilities – it is consistently ranked among car chargers with the fastest charging. Moreover, Belkin made sure that the adapter was passenger-friendly – you can connect it with any of your cables for syncing your tablets or smartphones. There is no better car adapter for those who have a different device that requires a charge!

The manufacturer recognizes the need for the safety of electronic devices. If a device malfunctions and loses all of its data due to a charger fault, the device owner may have to face bear irreparable damage. Hence, Belkin ensured that the device underwent rigorous QA testing. The charger has the support of Belkin Safety Assurance. This means that you whenever your device is linked to the charger, its smart circuitry consisting – of built-in voltage sensing functionalities – identifies and readjusts to any sudden power requirements. In this way, its safety mechanism protects your device from power spikes that can fry the internal board of your device. Belkin has walked the talk by offering a $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty. In case, any of your devices gets damaged due to an electrical issue – when it is still linked to the charger – they are willing to pay up to $2,500! So, what are you waiting for, find a reliable seller, and order your Belkin USB car charger.