Garmins are one of the most successful and fun GPS systems out there. Their cables do run down and need to be replaced on occasion however, so that’s why you are here. There are several options for you. Thanks for stopping by the blog and thanks for reading. In this edition we will be going over looking at some things many people don’t want to write about, and that’s little things like replacement cables. Many people blog about the big objects but when it comes to finding replacement parts, there is hardly a blog out there. That’s why in this edition we will be looking at a couple of Garmin 12v adapter cable and a couple other accessories that you might be or will be looking for. We hope this helps you find what you are looking for. There are several options available to you if you are looking for a 12v adapter and they are both cigarette lighter adapters. The price is similar for each and both will get the job done. One is for the GPS series and the other is for the GPS MAP series.

While were looking at accessories, did you know that there is an FM radio transmitter that hooks into your cigarette lighter jack? It has a USB option and lets you plug in 3.5 mm headphones too. Charge your phone will listening to those cool jams you found on the radio. What a clever little invention. This only runs about $25. This little invention can be fun and go with you wherever you go too. It’s a great addition to any camping or travel trip. Have you tried searching the internet for accessories to fit your needs? The options can be downright overwhelming and can completely turn you off to even looking for what you need. That’s why its important to find a store that you trust that has a wide variety of options and products. Try searching the internet for electronic stores but don’t think you have to choose one just because they show up on the front page of results. You can find smaller companies that fit your needs and that are great and are small businesses.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading. If you have found some hard to find accessories, please let us know which and share your story with us. We hope that you’ve found something that you are looking for. Please comeback again soon and have a great day.